Festa dell’Incoronata – 2018

Our yearly get together for April 28th is around the corner. Lots to celebrate and look forward to. Join us for a fun filled evening with great food, music and dancing.
Reserve a table with your family, compaesani or friends! Better still a table with cousins, aunts and uncles also sounds great!

We are also asking our dear women to bake their prized traditional sc’r’pelle,
nocche and torte di mele. We can never thank them enough for keeping this tradition alive. Grazie mille!!

2018 ticket photo


Meet Giuseppe Pasqualotto, a duroniese who has been taking pictures and movies for the last forty years. Last year he prepared 2 DVD’s that will be available to buy during the evening of April 28th. Also we’ll be promoting the “Cammina Molise 2019”. Next year the Cammino will be celebrating their 25th anniversary.

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